crossfit center city body change composition challenge

Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of my ACL reconstruction surgery.  I tore my right ACL on July 31, 2011 during a soccer game and it was not cool at all.  What bugs me is I was so so SO close to skipping that game…and then I felt guilty and went anyway.  I suppose things happen for a reason but really!?

6 am on surgery day…trying to look enthusiastic!

My favorite souvenir from surgery day:

2 days post-surgery:

Today, it’s just a regular old knee with a few scars.  I have made noticeable (to me) strides each day.  My right knee is still not, and may never be, 100% the same.  I’m okay with that and it took me almost a year to BE okay with that.  This journey has given me a new appreciation for health, strength and the value of proper nutrition while training/rehabbing.

I figured there is no better way to celebrate my 1 year knee-anni than to complete a challenge.  Soooo, I will be participating in the Crossfit Center City Body Change Composition Challenge, aka #CFCCBCCC!  It is the perfect opportunity to give nutrition and training my all.  Even though I am obsessed with before/after stories, especially peeps gone paleo ones, I have never done one myself.  There are a few options for the challenge and since I eat about 80???ish% paleo now, I have chosen to take the most strict route for the next 30 days (aka Level 3/4).

For me, this translates nutritionally to:

  • Eliminating dairy.  RIP cream in my coffee, lattes, cheese (I may still eat the pastured stuff from my CSA), ice cream, custard, gelato.  Damn, I think I just shed a tear.
  • Eliminating added sugar.  I am taking this a step further and saying no dried fruit unless in a (meat) recipe because I am a dried fruit addict.  Fruit + nut mixes…don’t even let me get near a bag or it will go missing in…3, 2…  Fresh fruit is okay but not in excess.
  • Stashing away ALL OF THE chocolate, not allowing even my favorite superdark stuff.
  • Not buying snacky (albeit paleo-friendly) foods out of a bag **eh hem…Trader Joe’s olive oil potato chips, I’m talking to you.
  • Experimenting with new paleo recipes and bone broths (I have never tried making broth, blasphemy!).
  • Trying…… at least 1 organ meat.  There’s a reason why this one is last.

Physically speaking, I want to:

  • Improve all of my maxes for fundamental lifts and specifically focus on achieving 130% of my 1RM back squat with perfect form (KNEES OUT!).  This will be ~155 lbs.
  • Get faster.
  • Lean out about 5 lbs or so.  This is really not about weight for me, but measurements…everybody wants to look good naked, right?

This blog will serve as my food log for the next 30 days so get ready for some good eats!

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