front squat progress

Day 2 of CFCCBCCC.

PR’d my front squat today: 123 lbs, YAY!  My previous max weight was 83 so I call that a win, especially since my knee has been super creaky since last week.  : )  I feel way more stable doing this move than when I first tried front squatting.

Breakfast – 3 eggs scrambled in kerrygold with s & p.  plus coffee (I added a tiny bit of heavy cream).

Lunch – same as dinner last night – pulled venison with roasted sweet potatoes.  and watermelon.

Dinner – lettuce wraps with red bell pepper slices.

School is stressing me out right now since I have a few tests looming over my head starting next week.  I am off to study at the library with my giant mug of green tea.  I will probably make a tasty, paleo (borderline sex with your pants on) treat when I get back and will share that recipe when I can grab a good photo (it’s soooo unphotogenic, ha).



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