okra, I still hate you.

Day 3 of CFCCBCCC.

Woke up with a really bad headache so I slept in an extra 2 hours.  Had coffee with heavy cream during class then ate a super late (3pm) lunch of 3 scrambled eggs and salad with olive oil and balsamic.

Boring and not ideal but I need to do a grocery shop and haven’t had time yet this week.  My CSA pickup is Thursday, so I’m going to try and make due until then seeing as it is currently monsooning outside in Philly.

Since it’s peak week at the gym, let’s talk numbers again.  I PR’d my floor press…83 lbs.   Happy!  So close to getting 88 though, grr.  Also, I friggin love box jumps.  That is all.

Snack while making dinner…apple from CSA.


I got okra in my CSA last week so I forced myself to attempt to cook it in a manner that would minimize slime and maximize crisp.  I trimmed the pods (pods?) and dipped them in an eggwhite & water wash, then tossed them all in a bag of almond meal and sea salt to coat.  Lightly coated them with olive oil and then baked in the oven at 425°F for about 35 minutes.  Served with sauteed tilapia in butter with sea salt and paprika.

Dipped in (organic, no added sugar) ketchup, it was tolerable.  I love baking things with almond meal crust though…yummmmm.  I actually batter and fry tilapia this way pretty often but didn’t want to overdo it tonight.

The verdict: The slime factor was minimal but I’d be perfectly content if I never crossed paths with okra again…bye nastiest vegetable ever.



  1. Nope, I don’t care for it much either. I actually have had it when it’s tasted pretty good, but okra always hurts my stomach … okra and bell peppers. Those are the only nightshades that give me trouble!

    • sometimes bell peppers give me issues, too but I love them so I eat ’em anyway haha

    • I think as okra goes, it was a good recipe 🙂 just can’t get down with the okra flavor/texture…something about the slimy seeds

  2. Tammy said:

    I think they look really good. My family has a bad time with okra also.

    • I gave it 2 tries…have had it in gumbo soup… I think that’s the most tolerable for me!

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