paleo watermelon sorbet

I can’t quite shake dessert mode, so even though I cut out ‘added’ sugar almost completely, I am not cutting out ALL sugar.  I.E. I am allowing fresh juice (from my juicer only) and fruit.  I had the biggest watermelon on the planet from my CSA and had no idea what to do with all of it.  Ended up juicing half of it and freezing the juice into cubes.

Finally tried out my plan for the cubes tonight and it was tasty, albeit NOT low sugar.  I am an ice cream lover addict so this is better than eating a big bowl of that…

Paleo Watermelon Sorbet

  • 5 cubes frozen (from fresh) watermelon juice
  • 1/3 cup light coconut milk (trader joe’s – will they ever sell full fat??)
  • 1/2 frozen banana

Just one step: blend/food process – I have a cheap little ninja food processor/blender and it works perfectly for things like this!

Crossfit tonight was working on squat cleans and pullups.  I did approximately 50% max squat cleans at 55 lbs.  They felt pretty easy but I kept it at that weight since I am perfecting my form before going crazy with weight.

I got up to a pullup with mini band and 5 lb weight added (PR).  I was so close to the 7.5 lb added and tried it twice but couldn’t quite get my chin up there.  I feel like I am making major strides with pullup strength.

Then 100 pullups for time.  I used an average band and completed them in 9:27 min.  My arms were quite rebellious afterwards and dissecting tomorrow should be interesting, that is, if I can even lift my arms above my bellybutton.

Time for some well-earned zzz’s.


  1. TJ’s actually just recently started selling the full-fat (labeled as coconut cream), but I recommend staying away from it. It has a couple different additives, one which is derived from corn (the other from the cotton plant), so there is grain in it! I found this out directly from a Trader Joe’s rep after submitting feedback on their website. I was bummed because I can’t eat coconut milk with additives even if I wanted to and didn’t understand why they need to put that stuff in the full-fat when they don’t put it in the light. The only full-fat brands I know of that I can eat are Aroy-D and Natural Value (not the organic though — has additives). I can eat TJ’s light stuff too since it’s just coconut milk and water, but it’s not nearly as good as the full-fat, as you probably know.

    • Ahhh wtf! I hate when there are random additives like that. The light isn’t too bad but you are absolutely right about the full fat – so delicious! 🙂

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