this week’s workouts

**Sunday: 3.20 mile run (over the Ben Franklin Bridge and back plus a lil).  26:46 mins (8:21 min/mile)

**Monday: Session

MOVEMENT PREP: THE BIG HIP WARM-UP: Take 30ft. and complete as pass of the following: 2 High Knee Passes, 2 Butt Kick Passes, 1 90/90 to Chest Pulls, 1 Toy Soldier, 1 Over the Fence/Under the Fence, 1 Duck Walk Pass, 1 Inchworm Pass, 2 High Skip Passes

STRENGTH: Every other minute on the minute, for 16 minutes: Back Squat, 3 reps.  Start at 50%, and move up in 10% increments until your movements begin to slow down – then try moving in 5% increments instead.  DO NOT GO ABOVE 85%.

  • Worked up to peak set of 128 x 3 and did 2.


With a partner, AMRAP in 5 minutes: 30ft. Side (Tire) Sled Drag (45lbs. for all).

  • Danielle and I got 17 reps!  I was paranoid to do the side tire sled drag but my knee felt FINE during it and even the next day.  I am ecstatic.  I have a feeling my knee doc is going to be shocked (in a good way) at my progress when he sees me in November.

**Tuesday: Session

DYNAMIC WARM-UP: Partner Assisted Elbow Positioning Push-up Plus Negatives, for about 2 minutes.  These are sets of 3 negatives where a partner specifically watches to make sure the index finger is set ahead and the elbows track at at least 45 degrees while the shoulder does not cave forward in the push-up – you can even go so far as holding the partner’s elbow in place to remind them of this position.  At the top of the push-up a push-up “PLUS” is done (shoulder protraction to retraction is the “PLUS”).

STRENGTH: Bench Press, For about 20 minutes, work up to a peak set of 2 in small groups.  In between sets complete 10 reps of a Ring Row – after 5 sets of ring rows complete no more.

  • Worked up to 83 x 2.  Tried 88 and totally had it then hit the rack on 2.  BUT I realized during this bench session that I have not been benching with my feet/butt/etc tight and wow, does it make a huge difference in strength.

METABOLIC CONDITIONING: 3 Rounds for time of:

10 reps, Sandbag Press (if you can’t Press, a Push Press allowed but not rx’d)

10 steps, Sandbag Shouldered Walking Lunge (Left Side)

10 steps, Sandbag Shouldered Walking Lunge (Right Side)

Use 80, 50, or 30lb. Sandbags.

  • Used a 40lb sandbag and completed in 4:56 mins.  Just in time!  I’m glad I used 40 lbs…totally would have been easy to dog it with 30 but beast mode was on.  I had to push press the last 3 reps of the last set but everything else was RX.

**Wednesday: Session

DYNAMIC WARM-UP: For about a minute, cat camel… then if you are first to the row, row 300m – if you are not rowing then complete hip swings and leg swings.  If you are first to the row – get off the erg and complete hip swings and leg swings until everyone is through with rowing.

ACTIVATION: Broad Jump, 5 attempts at a peak.  Record your attempt on our Broad Jump sheets!

  • 87.5 inches (96% best)

STRENGTH: Deadlift – BASED entirely on your Broad Jump, and will be for the REST of the cycle until PEAK WEEK.

  • If you jump between 95-100% of your best Broad Jump – you will attempt to complete 4-6 sets of triples with 85% of your best Deadlift (of course, lesson the percentage with any loss of speed right at 85%).
  • Worked up to 173 lbs (85% best) x 3 and did 6 sets with my awesome deadlift buddy.


  • 4:04 mins.  Felt really fast going out and then died.  Sub 4, you are still mad close.

Ran 1 quick but untimed mile with my pup when I got home from crossfit.  Too beautiful outside not to run.

Stole this pic from CFCC (last week) : )


**Thursday: 1.38 mile run (to crossfit).  8:40 mins (6:16 min/mile).  I think something is weird with my calculator…I ran fast but don’t think it was this fast…but I feel like my overall speed is returning thanks to cfcc!


EMOM: A set of 2 pull-ups on the minute every other minute for 14 minutes (so, 7 total sets and 14 pull-ups).

  • Worked up to light band + 7.5 lbs.

EMOM: Strict Press, every other minute for 14 minutes – so, 7 sets.  If you can easily clean what you press, this will be from the floor.  At the start of every interval you will complete 2 reps.

  • Worked up to 58 lbs x 2.  I messed up today because I was doing x 3 until my max when I realized we were doing 2’s.  Annnnnd then failed at 63 lbs.  Dangit.  58 lbs feels really good though and I did 60 last week.

METABOLIC CONDITIONING: AMRAP in 10 minutes: Run 150m, 20 Double Unders

  • Did 5 rounds even but had about 30 seconds left at the end so didn’t run…I am a lazy ass.  I bet I can get 6 rounds in another month or two.  I can now string 15-20 double unders with ease and it’s amazing how much of an advantage they give you when it comes to speed/amraps.  Weee!
  1. katiedaisy921 said:

    Wow. Sounds like a great week!!

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