look at what can be

Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be.

That quote pretty much sums up my attitude after this past month.  I definitely did not complete every single goal I set for myself during the CFCCBCCC but, looking back on my list, I did pretty damn well!

√ Eliminating added sugar
√ Stashing away ALL OF THE chocolate
√ Not buying snacky (albeit paleo-friendly) foods out of a bag
√ Experimenting with new paleo recipes and bone broths (I have never tried making broth, blasphemy!)
√ Trying…… at least 1 organ meat.  LIVERRRRR!!! I cooked it with bacon but I am still not a fan…
√ Improve all of my maxes for fundamental lifts and specifically focus on achieving 130% of my 1RM back squat with perfect form (KNEES OUT!).  This will be ~155 lbs.  I backsquatted 163 lbs just last week and can’t wait for the total on Sunday…
√ Get faster.  I am definitely a faster runner these days…and jumping, too…I can string double unders now!
Lean out about 5 lbs or so.   (-3 lbs)
Eliminating dairy.  BIGGEST FAIL of all. whoopsies.

List accomplishments aside, I feel pretty amazing.  By far, the biggest changes were in my mental state.  After strictly cutting out wheat, legumes and grains with the exception of (minimal) white rice, I now know for sure I am a brain fog sufferer.  My energy, sleep, and clarity of thought has improved drastically…I have literally been asked how I am ‘so awake’.  Good sign, right?  I have also suffered from bouts of weird sleeping patterns in the past, especially getting to sleep initially.  I now fall asleep within minutes of hitting my pillow.  I will confess, there were times I ate ice cream, drank wine and had a (half of a) beer…but not too many.  I went a little crazyface off the bandwagon this past weekend and then felt like complete shit until yesterday.  Not shocking!  Now I am officially back at it and looking forward to seeing even more progress not just in crossfit, but all aspects of life.

What can be, today, is a 36 inch box jump!

One year ago, I was a month out of knee surgery and didn’t think I’d ever be able to jump rope again, let alone reach these kinds of heights.  You are always stronger than you think.

  1. that is some hops. Awesome that you can do that after knee surgery.

  2. Impressive! I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much on the dairy thing. Cheese isn’t the worst thing in the world

    • agreed! especially when made with raw milk

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