october crossfit total at cfcc

Yesterday was crossfit total day and marked the end of my first official cycle at CFCC.  In just over 2 months since joining, I have felt a significant improvement in my strength but wasn’t sure just how much I could max.  Well, the total showed me what I am truly capable of for sure.  Here are my maxes from the day – I couldn’t be happier with them!

Deadlift 225 lbs — I am officially a switch-grip convert!!

+ Back squat 176 lbs

+ Strict press 65.2 lbs

TOTAL = 466.2

Me and my girls after deadlift domination!


Quite possibly the best part of the day was that everyone totaled in halloween attire!  Flashdanceme.

More pics to come when the album (and video) is posted : )



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