rest day

the total movie is up!

Wednesday 10/24

MOBILITYThe Kettlebell Armbar (EVERYONE begins unweighted first!), then spend a few minutes practicing.

STRENGTH: Overhead Squat, complete 5 sets of 5.

  • worked up to 45 lb max for 5…these actually started feeling better as I went up in weight – hadn’t worked on OH squats ever until this day.


With a partner, AMRAP in 5 minutes: Partner 1 ascends the stairs (back stairs only) 2 times and then completes 15 air squats. During this time, Partner 2 rests.  As soon as Partner 1 is finished, Partner 2 moves on to the same.  Partner 1 rests until Partner 2 returns, and so on and so forth until 5 minutes is up. *This is a SPRINT!  Make sure you keep it that way!  Your score is your total number of rounds.  An unfinished round does not count.

  • 7 rounds

Thursday 10/25

DYNAMIC WARM-UP: Spend about 30 seconds with each for 3 Rounds: Ring Rows, Ring Balance (those who need bands should use them), Wrist Stretches.
SKILL WORK: Hang Power Clean
EOMOM: For 14 minutes complete 3 reps of the Hang Power Clean.  Begin at half of your clean max and move up as you do with the front squat: 50%, 60%, 70%, 75%, 80%, and 85%.  You may not move higher than 85%.  If you fail at any weight you may not try it again, you must back down to your previous percentage.  You may back down whenever you’d like or repeat any sets you’d like.  The Coach reserves the right to back you down for form’s sake at any time… so keep it pretty, people!
  • worked up to 63 lbs
Using 75% of your highest hang power clean set for today, complete:
AMRAP in 10 minutes: 3 Hang Power Cleans, 3 Ring Dips, 6 Hang Power Cleans, 6 Ring Dips, 9 Hang Power Cleans, 9 Ring Dips… 12, 15, 18, 21, etc.
  • skipped this WOD because my trap on my (previously good side) and knee both hurt like hell

Friday 10/26

I finally called mercy today.

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