no time for play but I am making it!

Life is one giant study session currently.  I am glad my classmates are fun because otherwise I’d be going bat.shit.cray.   We have a huge exam on Wednesday and I can’t wait to get it over with…I’m not feeling stressed but absolutely hating studying.  Still haven’t come to terms with the amount of time spent cooped up at my desk that is necessary for success.  I think the stress has disappeared because I’ve finally mastered my time management skills…3 months in…took long enough!

I don’t care what anyone else says, taking time for play is essential in med school…my play is crossfit.  I am much less sore this week than last and to (cross fingers) maintain this, I’ve been taking my time and focusing on form versus speed.  I also made it to my first Saturday session this past weekend.  I want to begin making a habit of this and try some new classes now that I’m not a newb!

Monday 11/5

EMOM for 10 minutes: Complete a set of 3 weighted supinated grip pull-ups.  Pick a load to attempt to complete for all 10 sets.  If you must move up or down feel free to do so.  The Coach (of course) reserves the right to move you up or down in weight for any missed range of motion or slow reps.  These pull-ups should not be anywhere near impossible, but should not be easy either.

Used a light band for all.



5 Rounds for time of:

  • Split Clean (40/20 – men at CFCC will be rx’d at 45lbs.), 15 reps.
  • Pull-ups, 21 Reps

*You must come to full extension after splitting for the clean (feet together and standing with your hip full open is your final position before placing the bells down).  *Be sure to alternate legs (it’s not 30 split cleans total, it’s 15 reps TOTAL).

I used 20lb dumbbells and an average band for the pull-ups.  Finished in 19:25.  My wrists kept getting all funked up and I definitely had claw-hand going on by the end of this workout.

Saturday 11/3


2 Rounds for time:

  • Overhead Squat (75/45), 40 reps.
  • American Kettlebell Swing (1.5/1), 40 reps.
  • Pull-ups (may be kipped), 40 reps.
  • Double Unders, 40 reps.

Really just wanted to get in and have a good sweat sesh while working on my squat form.  Used 35 lbs for OH squats, 12kg for AKS, average band for pullups and did strict double unders…did 1 full round plus 40 OH squats, 40 AKS, 25 DU’s (skipped the second round of pull-ups to not aggravate my shoulders).  Finished in a little less than 25 mins.  OH squats are feeling much less awkward lately!

Friday 11/2


“Death by Thrusters” (completed as prescribed at 135/95 but scale where needed)

In the first minute, complete 1 Thruster, in the second 2, in the third 3, in the fourth, 4, etc.  If you can’t complete the allotted number of thrusters within a certain minute do as many as you can – your score will be how many you were able to complete (say, 12 Thrusters plus how many of 13 you were able to do).  *Once you have completed your thrusters you are required to stay doing 5 thrusters on the minute until the last member of the class has finished.

Used 45lbs for thrusters and got up to 8 plus 6.

Thursday 11/1

DYNAMIC WARM-UP: Spend about 30 seconds with each for 3 Rounds: Ring Rows, Ring Balance (those who need bands should use them), Wrist Stretches.

SKILL WORK: Hang Power Clean

EOMOM: For 14 minutes complete 2 reps of the Hang Power Clean.  Begin at half of your clean max and move up as you do with the front squat: 50%, 60%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, and 90%.  You may not move higher than 90%.  If you fail at any weight you may not try it again, you must back down to your previous percentage.  You may back down whenever you’d like or repeat any sets you’d like.  The Coach reserves the right to back you down for form’s sake at any time… so keep it pretty, people!

Worked up to 70 lbs.


Using 50% of your best deadlift complete: 21-15-9 reps of:

  • Deadlift
  • Handstand Push-ups

*If you don’t have hspu you may use a push-up or you may use a dumbbell press.  If you are using a dumbbell press you are looking to scale to something you can do confidently for at least 5 reps.

Used 115 lbs for deadlifts and regular pushups with light band.  Finished in 5:08 minutes.

one of my deadlift attempts at fall 2012 CFCC total! Yes, I do have pants on! (80’s costume!)

Wednesday 10/31

STRENGTH: Overhead Squat, up to a peak set of 3 with the guidance of a Coach.

Worked up to 55lbs before we ran out of time.


AMRAP in 9 minutes of:

  • 1 minute of DB Squat Clean and Push Press (45/20) -Dumbbells must tap floor in the bottom of the movement and end in full extension over the head at the top of the movement.
  • 1 minute of Toes to Bar
  • 1 minute of rest.

*Your score is your total number of reps.

Round 1-15, Round 2-14, Round 3-15 = 44 total.  At least I am consistent!  I can only do a few TTB’s before I start failing ha.

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