mother of all metcon mondays to kick off peak week

Weekly catch-up with workouts. Yesterday there were 2 metcons in a row scheduled and it was pretty tough. It was the first time I felt like throwing up at the end of class since I started. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing…

Tuesday 11/6 – Rest

Wednesday 11/7

STRENGTH: Overhead Squat, peak set of 2

  • 65 lbs

METCON: Complete 21-15-9 reps for time of: DB Snatch (45/20), Right Arm, 1 Rope Climb (or 5 pull-ups), DB Snatch (45/20), Left Arm, 1 Rope Climb

  • 20 lb dumbbells, 1 rope climb then switched to light+mini band pull-ups due to rope burn, ouch. Next time, wearing high socks!
  • 8:54 mins

ENDURANCE ROWING: 2, 2k’s for time and try to maintain times within ~1 minute of each other

  • 10:28.2 mins
  • 10:02.7 mins

Thursday 11/8

EOMOM: for 14 minutes, complete 2 reps of the Hang Power Clean. Begin at half of your clean max and move up to 60%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, and 90%. You may not move higher than 90%.

  • 60 lbs

METCON: Complete 3 rounds for time: Lateral Box Jump, 20 reps then Burpees, 20 reps.

  • Modified with 24 inch regular box jumps since I am not technically cleared by knee doc for lateral jumping motions yet…soon though.
  • 10:07 mins

Friday 11/9

EMOM: for 12 minutes, complete 3 Thrusters at the top of every minute

  • 60 lbs

METCON: Complete 3 intervals of 3 minutes each where each interval begins with a 400m Run – when you return from the run you must attempt to get as many double unders as you can in the time you have left for before the next interval begins (so, at 6 minutes you’ll run again, and at 9 minutes you’ll run again, and at 12 minutes the metcon will be complete). Your score is your total number of double unders.

  • 73 double unders

Saturday 11/10


  • did a bunch of sets of 125 lbs x 3, worked on form over weight since I was pretty stiff…by the end, felt good!

ENDURANCE ROWING: 30 minute time trial

  • 5,950 meters

Sunday 11/11 – Rest

Monday 11/12 – mother of all metcon mondays!

Event 1 – 10 Minute AMRAP: 5 Thrusters (95/65), 5 Pull-ups (Chest to Bar/Chin over Bar), 5 Box Jumps (24/20)

  • 53lb thrusters, light + mini band chin over bar pull-ups – 8 rounds + 5 thrusters

Event 2 – for time: 1k Run, 1k Row

  • Rowed first due to a bazillion people in class, ran second – finished in 11 mins even though the cap was 10 minutes. I am confident I can smoke this time if I run first. Rowing is not my forte, but I am improving thanks to Ave’s endurance classes!


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