a few words for favorite weekend things

Sleep.  lots of it.

Ginorm sock bun.  I couldn’t recreate this if I tried.

Chill yet epic nights with some of my favorite girlfrands.

Giant stuffed mushrooms a la everyday paleo

Subbed venison for beef, 1/4 cup dry polenta (obviously this makes it not paleo) in place of coconut flour and skipped the food processing step.  These are so.freaking.delish.

Reality tomorrow.  NOOOOOOO, I won’t do it.


  1. I still have yet to try a sock bun, but want to. I have a feeling it wouldn’t look right for me or something … I’m seriously not proficient with anything besides a ponytail! It doesn’t matter how easy it looks. Plus, I have a lot of hair. Yours looks cute!

    • I actually bought this cheater sock bun thing (apparently it’s called a “hair bun donut” lol) at H&M awhile ago and finally tried it…I have a sh*tton of hair too and can’t do the regular ones but this thing works really well!

      • Good to know!

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