don’t put it down

photo (104)

Yesterday, I was signed up for a double – the WOD followed by endurance rowing.  My knees were both feeling really sore.  I fell on my good knee doing a handstand the previous day and was generally creaky in my surgery knee.  I did not walk into the gym expecting a stellar performance from myself and I was perfectly okay with that.  But I showed up.  90% of the battle.

Instead of going balls to the wall cray, I made real-time goals for myself.  In the metcon, it was don’t put the bar down once you pick it up for push presses (CHECK).  In rowing, Ave told me to stay under 2:10 pace for my final 1k (CHECK).  Both of those were totally doable, but if I hadn’t set them specifically from the start, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have reached either one.  Mini goals are cool like that.

Channeling the mind is the most precious skill of all.

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