spring break in seattle

Long time no chat.  Seems to be the trend lately but alas, I am alive!  School has been nonstop exams on quizzes on labs on……BONKERS since we started back up in January, but I have come to expect that at this point.  I am officially 3/4 of the way through my first year of podiatric medical school and have no clue where that time went.  It does feel pretty good to say that I didn’t, in fact, say f*ck it after first semester and return to working for THEMAN in a dreary cubicle. ; )  I’m glad I stuck it out because I am liking school more…we are getting into the good stuff, aka actual foot dissection and clinical skills.  I can fix you now (+6.25 more years) of edjoomacation.

2 weeks before my spring break, I decided I needed to get out of Philadelphia for a few days and my trusty friend Gina was down for a Seattle party.  While Seattle wasn’t nearly as sunny as it was the weekend before my arrival, I was expecting clouds and appreciated what they had to offer.  Sometimes a quick hike in nature is all you need to find yourself again, don’t ya think?


The air is so clean.  Philly, you smell.

I have been to Seattle a number of times before, so this trip was less about the touristy spots and more about good food, drink and a bit of nature.  We went to two noteworthy restaurants which I LOVED.  Canlis (they filmed an episode of Top Chef here) and The Whale Wins, which is likely the only Seattle restaurant that has humans in it past the grand olde hour of 10pm.  This city is VERY SLEEPY mid-week, what with all the fog and clouds…

At Canlis, I did eat gluten and confirmed for the 1000th time that it hates me.  But it was worth it in the moment.


This is the foie gras (smoked torchon with beets, chamomile, chocolate and an oatmeal foam).  Okay let me just say, foie, chocolate beet and oatmeal foam MIGHT just compare to a hot night of passion…

Everything was amazing but I’m pretty sure this was my favorite dish.  We also tried the Steak Tartare with Wagyu tenderloin, Pork Belly, Dungeness Crab Cake, King Salmon and Soufflé, Apple Pie macaroons and house-made truffles for dessert. 

This decadent meal was followed by a needle-in-haystack search for a night cap at Linda’s Tavern.  Hipster meets college student meets who is awake at 12p on a Tuesday night crowd.  I enjoyed the fact that they had Crispin cider and of course, the people-watching.

The Wale Wins, WINS. 


House Pickled Veggies, Caviar D’Aubergine (roasted cauliflower, pine nuts, thyme & lemon peel) – OUT OF THIS WORLD even though it looks like vomit.  Mushrooms in cream heaven, and Whole Roasted Snake River Trout with roasted lemons & walnut sauce.  I have trout fished in the Snake River…little known paleofeetfact.  Everything was amazing and I was able to enjoy it despite my major stomachache from the previous night’s gluten fest (only a few bites of bread with the foie gras). 

I also tried two fitness classes while I was in town – flybarre and Flywheel at the South Lake Union studio.  They were fun and different, but I will stick to Crossfit haha…my chronic cardio is a thing of the past.  I did learn that Crossfit translates pretty well to this form of cycling, as my “power numbers” were on the higher spectrum compared to the rest of the class – they post them on a screen for everyone to see.  They actually just opened one of these in Philly!

The best trips are the ones you book last-minute…and can I pleaz haz more spring break, complete with tree-hugging?


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