9 months of medical school WUT.


It’s been a little over 9 months since I took a leap of faith in myself.  Went pretty dang far outside my comfort zone.  Left a cushy corporate cubicle job that I could have had until cows flew to the moon or whatnot.

I have so many thoughts about my first year of pod med school skipping around in my noggin, not all of which I can put into words just yet.  I have tried to write this a few times but wasn’t quite ready to share.  If I sound at all negative, I don’t intend to be.  Just being real.  I will hit ya with the short list and maybe some more at deets at a later date.

In summary, and not shockingly, it has been an unforgettable experience.  It went by slowly and yet, wicked fast.

I made some friends who will be in my life, for life.  They are awesome, unique characters and we helped each other keep sanity in check on the reg…talk about bonding!

Med school is 10% raw intelligence, 90% how bad you want it/how long you will keep plugging away at it, day after day.  It is no 9-5.  You are working overtime, all of the time.  If you’re not,  you’ve already fallen behind.  This takes focus and drive and elimination of distraction.  *cough* I gave up facebook for 5 months.  I actually didn’t miss it or any of the bullshit people post on it on the reg (shut up people) *gasp*.  The blogger in me will link this to the book ha.

I wasn’t able to be completely ‘there’ for the important people in my life these last 9 months, though I made a valiant effort.  Most of them stood by me and were there when I needed words of encouragement, a vent sesh, or shoulder to cry on.  I didn’t take any of those moments for granted.

Oh yeah, did I mention med school takes a personal army of sorts?  Liiiiike personal chef.  Dog walker(s).  Chauffeur to train.  Bless my parents.

Holy shit!  I am so much stronger mentally and physically than I was in August.  Stronger despite the weight of extreme stress that I carried on my shoulders.  A weight I felt I could never put down.  That right there is something I am thankful for and proud of.

I got a few perfect scores.  I also failed some exams.  I was open about them to the people I trust (refer back to: it takes an army).  I recovered from those blunders but uphill battles are never enjoyable.  It’s a thing…that people don’t like to talk about failure in med school.  You are pressured to put on a facade of perfection, whether that is your nature or not.

My best grades were nice to see, but honestly what gave me the greatest satisfaction was passing my weak areas, regardless of how many points over 70 that number was.

Words of first year wisdom: Do YOU(!!)  Don’t listen to everything everyone has to say.  Don’t use too many study materials.  Don’t study too much from back exams, especially don’t do that if you haven’t already mastered the material.  DO be nice to everyone you meet, even the janitor.  People talk…better give them only good things to say.

And to conclude:

Dat ish was a rollercoaster but I am alive!  Stella is too but she gained 5 pounds.  We have been yogging as of late.

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  1. irunwild1976 said:

    We were instagrammers at one time…until I got off the social grid last year. I’m almost full Paleo now & I like it. Mostly, I like the fact that I feel better. After asking you questions about paleo lifestyle, you never got to hear how that would turn out for me. Thanks for your encouragement & congrats to you. Onward & Upward….

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